Bob’s Burgers Season 9, Episodes 1-3

This will be a quick little review of the first 3 episodes of Season 9 of Bob’s Burgers! As I said in the post “Top Shows I Watched This Summer and Think You Should Too,” I’ve been watching this gem since it started in 2011 and binged the 8th season this summer, laughing all the way through. To read the article above on summer shows, click here:

General overview of Bob’s Burgers as a Series

When to Watch: This may sound silly, but honestly Bob’s Burgers is a great go-to whenever you’re feeling down or even existential. The comedy is so light-hearted and wholesome, but not corny or cringey. It makes you smile without throwing you deeper into an existential crisis, like Rick and Morty for example. It’s also a great show if you want to passively watch some TV. While I think the show is enthralling, each episode stands alone so you don’t have to pay attention to every detail. Also recommend watching when you’re ready to get high/veg out. Once again, it’s so fun-loving, it won’t leave you geeking out or struggling to pay attention. 

How to Watch: Hulu

Season 9

Season 9 premiered on September 30th, 2018 and the first 3 episodes don’t miss a beat. I relate heavily to Tina in the Episode 1, “Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now.” While chasing after a boy she met briefly on the sidewalk, she has to come to terms with the fact that she may not actually love him, but that she’s just plain boy crazy. This was such a funny start to the season and plays on their classic joke of the boy band, “Boyz 4 Now” which perfectly spoofs One Direction and middle school fan-girling which many of us fell victim to, myself included… still love you Biebz.

Episode 2, “The Taking of Funtime One Two Three,” chronicles the kids efforts to win the dune buggy at the local arcade with the help of Mr. Fischoeder. This episode was pretty funny, but of the 3, I would say it’s the least memorable. It’s a classic plot of the kids trying to pull off a sneaky heist with some unexpected help, but it’s a little bland in my humble opinion.

I thought Episode 3 was hilarious, maybe because any episode where Tina is the center-focus is a riot to me. The episode also has the whole gang of Zeke, Jimmy Junior, Tammy and the chick that follows Tammy around – does anyone actually know her name? The episode is hilarious as the kids join the entrepreneur club and Tina slowly spirals into becoming a cut-throat business mogul. The main plot is supported nicely by the subplot of Bob and Linda dealing with a dine and dasher who fools them not once, not twice, but three times.

I was chuckling the whole way through these episodes and look forward to the rest of the season – each episode coming out on Sunday nights!

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