Top 5 Picks for Fellow Chicks in Their 20’s

Writing from the perspective of, you guessed it, a chick in her 20’s, I thought there’s no better television advice I could give than my top picks for my fellow 20-something females! These are my personal choices as must-sees for this demographic, either for how relatable they are or the historic impression they’ve had. *However!* These are all iconic, lovable masterpieces of the small screen and I recommend them regardless of your preferred gender pronoun or age. I would recommend these gems to your 96 year old grandfather and 24 year old sister alike. Whether you’re a he, she or they, all of these series are worth the watch and I highly recommend binging these post-read.

  1. Girls

How to watch: HBO

Seasons: 6

This series is one of my all-time favorites on television. The description is simply, “A comedy about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20s,” so it’s no surprise why I thought it fit nicely on this list. Created by Lena Dunham, the show follows four “best friends” as they come of age in New York City. While Lena Dunham has become somewhat of a controversial personality and I can’t say I agree with all of her statements and ideologies, I find it important to differentiate between the artist and the art. Yes, I use art to describe this show because I feel that passionate about it (and because I am a pretentious TV addict, sorry). I will admit that the show is white-washed and does not show the perspective of many other races. However, I believe this was a story Dunham wrote drawing on her own experiences and for her to take the perspective of another race wouldn’t be appropriate. I just love this show because the characters are so dislikable and yet we find ourselves relating to them in little ways. By laughing at them, we find ourselves laughing at ourselves- which is the best kind of laughter. From Hannah’s overreactions and self-absorption to Marnie’s infatuation with douche-bag men to Shoshanna’s struggle to find her place in the world post-college to Jessa’s impulsive and self-destructive behaviors: these characters speak so honestly to the personal flaws and struggles that come as you learn to self-identify in your 20’s. Not to mention, it’s just down-right hilarious. While I definitely found the earlier seasons to be the best, the whole series is worth watching and you won’t want to stop once you’re invested.

2. Broad City

How to watch: Hulu

Seasons: 4 (5th and final season to air early next year)

Another one of my all-time favorites, Broad City, follows Abbi and Ilana in New York City as they turn every day into a absurdly funny adventure. The show is so good because the friendship between the two is so endearing and relatable. I feel like every 20-something chick has one person that is their best friend, confidant and is able to make these confusing, weird, awkward years some of the best of our lives. The two characters also just play off of each other so well. Ilana is the more out-there, wild one, contrasting to Abbi’s more relatable awkwardness. These characters alone just wouldn’t work, but the dynamic between them creates for some of the best laughs on current television. If you’ve ever been one of those unfortunate people who think women aren’t funny, I ask you to put this show on and not crack a smile. Furthermore, with guest-stars like Seth Rogen, Alia Shawkat, Susie Essman, and even Hillary Clinton, the show never fails to surprise and entertain you.

3. Insecure

How to watch: HBO

I wrote about this one for my top picks of the summer and I’m adding it to this list as well, even though it’s one of my more recent binges. Because I’m lazy and want to get back to watching TV and I’m not sure how many of you TV addicts are reading these posts closely, I’ll just rewrite what I wrote previously: Following Issa and her best friend, Molly, in Los Angeles, the dynamic duo take on everything from dating apps, Coachella, gentrification, ignorant white people in the work place and other relevant, modern-day issues. Although the series is self-proclaimed as a TV show made by black people for black people (which is awesome), I found the show does a great job of really enlightening white people (like myself) about the daily struggles that African Americans continue to face, especially for women. It educates those with privilege while also being wildly entertained. Starting a conversation about social and political change under the veil of humor and enjoyment should be the gold standard for all television series.

4. Sex and the City

How to watch: HBO

If you haven’t watched all the beautiful corniness that is Sex and the City, I invite you to kick back, open a bottle of wine and have a a fucking fun ass night. While the show is dated and SJP can sometimes be painfully cringey, that’s what makes this show all the more delightful. Although the show has great jokes, both intentional and not, it also really makes you feel something and will have you blubbering like a baby by the end. You become so invested in these characters because, although it’s cliche, these characters will feel like your best friends. In the movie “Almost Famous,” Penny Lane says, “And if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.” I think she meant to say, go to your couch and visit Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. Honestly though, my friends were concerned when I was at peak binging of this series because I canceled so many plans. Why put on clothes and go out when I can just go out with my homegirls, hitting the streets of NYC, and not even leave my living room? (disclaimer: all of this is true and yes, I should be admitted to a television rehabilitation center) Now, just as there is a caveat with almost all of these series, I too recognize that Sex and the City is possibly the most white-washed cast of all time. However, that is unfortunately a reflection of the age of the show, premiering in 1998. Looking at

5. Gossip Girl

How to watch: Netflix

Okay, okay, before you close this site and never come back again because you’re appalled at this one, I know it’s bad. It’s objectively cheesy and glorifying a white-washed culture that shouldn’t be glorified; But I’m sorry, I had to put it on. Maybe it’s because I’m from the generation that binged this garbaged throughout middle and high school, but this is one of the first TV series I became really invested in and was basically the Breaking Bad for young girls in the 2000’s. While I recommend watching every episode with a grain of salt (and some wine so you’re more open to the corniness), this show does accomplish what every TV show’s main goal is: to simply entertain.

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