About Me


So who is this chick who loves television?

Hello fellow TV addicts and cinephiles!

I’m Kelly Stoudemire and I’m a senior at University of California, Los Angeles majoring in Psychology and minoring in (you guessed it!) Film and Television. Now, I’m not saying I’m an expert of television (or an expert of anything for that matter). I may not be able to share any brilliant insights on cinematography, acting, nitty gritty details or what the director’s favorite food is. BUT: what I am is a chick who is WAY too obsessed with television (often to my own demise), who will give you honest, thoughtful, (hopefully) engaging, and passionate reviews about all things on the small screen!

Thanks for tuning in with me and I hope you keep reading, but more importantly, keep watching! Let’s all go down the television rabbit hole together, shall we?